Caroline & James, 2007

Thank you so much for all your hard effort. We all thought you were very professional and personal.

Yes it was a great success and all the guests said it was the best wedding they’ve been to! Some of my guests were hard to please and they did have doubts it wasn’t the best way to go about a wedding. We proved them wrong! I think it was because it seemed so relaxed, so different from the formal weddings we have in the UK. Memorable. Our guests were talking about it day after day. What a result!

The venue and service was excellent…obviously I didn’t see what was going on behind the scenes, which is how it should be. Phew! The food was cracking, everybody commented on how nice it was, again different from the run of the mill stuff in the UK and it would cost twice as much.

I think the view and venue blew peoples minds away, thats where the vision started for James and I.

And the fireworks…couldn’t have planned it better. I have a picture of myself and in the background the fireworks have made the shape of a heart in the sky. How surreal!

I loved the walking mushrooms, again random entertainment and happy, funny memories.

The service was amazing. The church has an unusual sense of calm about it, strange but comforting. Soprano was superb!

Cathy was great too, am really looking forward to the pics.

Overall it was a perfect wedding day and will be talked about through the family for years to come.

A little poem….that Caroline read out during the speeches.

Its amazing you know what google can find

Searched the net while thinking I’m going to be a bride

This name popped up, wedding planner, Clare Doane

She’s English, speaks Spanish, lets give it a go.

18 months later, all set and here we are

Oue celebration in Barcelona, by plane its not far

You all said yes in joining us on our big day

From the heart, truley a huge thanks for coming all this way.

I’m looking at faces familiar, old and new

Some not here, not forgotten, we really miss them, I know I do

I thank my lucky stars for my amazing family and friends

This year you’ve made me laugh and cry

Brighton girls, you were such good hens

So to the people who are the closest of all

Your love and support has made me feel proud, stand broad and tall

I would like you all to remember today as a shared and happy time

Because I know its certainly going to be one of mine

And finally to James, the young love of my life

Today I am happy in being your wife.