Karen & Bryan, March 2008

Your biggest strength is definitely listening to what people want but at the same time taking it with a big pinch of salt and trying to find a happy compromise that will please the bride and groom but one that will also work!

At the very beginning I had ideas of having our wedding in Barcelona city centre, traipsing from ceremony to restuarant to bar and then to a club with 80 people walking behind me!!  You asked me had I thought about what I would do if it rained (of course I hadn’t!), what I would do between the ceremony and dinner (no idea!), and how I planned to walk to a bar that would accommodate 80 guests arriving en masse (would have been interesting!)

Thank God you came on board and sorted me out! You provided me with a bit of a reality check which is exactly what I needed.  However you also listened to us and the options that you showed us for the ceremony/reception showed that you had listened to what we had been looking for.  We were very impressed and know that the wedding would have been great no matter which place we chose.

I am deadly serious when I say that our wedding wouldn’t have been such a huge success without you.  People keep telling us that they never knew we had it in us to pull off such a spectacular day but little do they know that we had an ace up our sleeves – Clare Doane!

The wedding was as relaxed as we had hoped it would be, if we had known it was going to be so much fun we would have done it years ago!

The fact that you were there throughout the day and didn’t leave until we all did was a really nice touch.  I’m sure you must have been shattered!  It really is a testament to your professionalism and attention to detail.  I didn’t notice anything going wrong on the day but I was confident that you would have been able to sort out any problems if they did arise.

When I first started looking for a wedding planner I had no idea how much costs would be and Bryan (with his socialist values!) felt that getting a wedding planner was too middle class and was initially against the idea.  However as soon as we met Clare we were really impressed by her and her obvious knowledge and experience of weddings in and around Barcelona.  Having spoken to friends and colleagues about the price of other wedding planners and given the huge success of the day itself (which we attribute to Clare!) we think that Barcelona weddings is great value for money and worth every cent.