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Melodi & Andy, July 2013.

Dear Clare,

I think you and your team did an amazing job. Everything was top rate and it was my dream wedding come true. That was actually one of the things that I couldn’t really believe on that day, that all the details that started out in my imagination, actually became reality. The location couldn’t be beat. The weather was perfect. The staff was so gracious and professional that I felt a little guilty putting all those people to work for such a small affair. I loved the people you chose to help us with photography, make up, cakes, decorations, flowers, music, dancers etc. I felt very comfortable with you and Petra making choices for us since we could not be there. Everyone that attended talked about the wedding for long after, how it was such a special event. Thanks to all the hard work that you and Petra did, I really enjoyed myself that day and did not feel stressed at all! I couldn’t be more pleased and feel so fortunate to have had that wonderful experience.

Thank you for all that you do. I wish you and your family the best as you make your new life back home in the UK.

Please give my best to Petra. She has a warm yet professional manner and was great to work with.
Melodi and Andy