Types of Ceremony

Whatever your religion or sexual orientation, our role is to guide and support you, ensuring you get the most from this wonderful occasion with the least possible complications.

Catholic Ceremonies


Non residents are able to celebrate a legal Catholic wedding here, if one or both of the couple are Catholic. Barcelona Wedding has superb relationships with delightful English-speaking priests in Barcelona, who are enthusiastic to assist in creating the perfect ceremony for our couples. Our clients have enjoyed weddings in churches ranging from small countryside chapels to impressive gothic structures such as the famous Santa Maria del Mar.

The paperwork prior to the nuptials does take approximately five months to organise, and we will assist you with this process. After your wedding, your wedding certificate will need to be produced by the civil authorities here in Spain, a process that we are also happy to help you with.

Civil Ceremonies


A civil wedding is only legal under Spanish law if one or both of the couple are Spanish residents. Barcelona Wedding recommend non-residents celebrate a civil wedding in their country of residence, to then enjoy the full flexibility of a blessing or exchange of vows here in Catalunya. This ceremony can take place in any of the beautiful and romantic locations in Barcelona and the surrounding region, using the couple’s own vows of a religious or personal nature.

Jewish Ceremonies


To celebrate a wedding ceremony here in Catalunya involves exactly the same legalities as a Jewish marriage in your own country. Your Rabbi can arrange your kettubah and you will then need to apply for a marriage license in your country of residence. Jewish couples may bring their own Rabbi or there is an English-speaking Ashkenazi and Sephardi Rabbi here in Barcelona. The Rabbi can then sign your kettubah here in Spain. Any of the beautiful spots in Catalunya can be used for the service and Chuppa . Kosher catering is also available.

Protestant Ceremonies


Only Catholic wedding ceremonies are legally recognised in Spain. Barcelona Wedding can, however, organise a Protestant English-speaking priest to give a religious blessing for your wedding service. With no legal formalities these blessings can be performed wherever you prefer, from stunning natural landscapes to churches and chapels in and around Barcelona.

Religious blessings need to be preceded with a legal civil marriage ceremony in the couple´s own country of residence.