Baby, we rock!

My wife and I got married  in May 2017 at a beautiful 19th century rustic house located in the suburbs of Barcelona. Needless to say that Sonia located the venue for us as well as other very good options to choose from. Aside from being an extraordinarily competent wedding planner, what we loved about her the most is how lovely she was to deal with. Sonia was always full of smiles and positivity even in the stressful moments. Our wedding was very multicultural as we had family flying in from Nigeria, the USA and England and it was great to see Sonia in creative mode – she understood and helped to embellish our vision. She was an incredible conduit between us and our suppliers which was super helpful given that we were based in London and don’t speak Catalan or Spanish! The wedding day went so smoothly with no hiccups (despite a little bit of drizzle) and a lot of that was down to Sonia’s hard work! I would definitely recommend Sonia to anyone looking to get married in Spain

Photography by: Serafin Castillo

Baby, we rock!

The Mediterranean and sunny friendly wedding in Barcelona…. 

Photography by:  Serafin Castillo

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